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When you're in need of a new option for your oral health, consider the expert denture services at the office of Harry Satin DDS. With a variety of options to suit your lifestyle and unique needs, you'll find the perfect fit in our office.

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For those that need complete replacement, we offer conventional full dentures. In this process, all of the teeth are removed and then the process of fitting begins after the tissue is healed.


It takes few months for the gum tissue to heal, and during this period you will be without teeth.

Conventional full dentures

Before having your teeth removed, some measurements might be made so that a denture can be fitted immediately after teeth are removed.


There are several factors that will determine your best option. Please consult with us regarding your unique needs.

Immediate full dentures

We're here to ensure that everything runs as smoothly as possible when you visit our office. From routine cleanings to full surgical procedures, Dr. Harry Satin, DDS has the experience and knowledge of dentistry to ensure you're pleased with your visit.

Taking the stress out of getting dentures

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that suit your lifestyle

Replacement options

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