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The dental implant services offered by the office of Harry Satin DDS are designed to provide a stable foundation for replacement teeth, giving them a look, feel and function like your natural teeth.


Smile and eat anything you want with confidence knowing that your implants are secure and stable.

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With a bright, natural looking smile from Harry Satin DDS, you'll have the confidence to get back out there and be yourself again!


You'll have the confidence to eat nearly anything you want, smile without hesitation and live your life.

Get back your confidence

Many dental implant specialty offices will charge you an arm and a leg to get the permanent dental solution you're seeking. Not at Dr. Satin's office!


We'll work with you and your insurance company to get you the dental work you need, when you need it!

Making implants affordable

Dental implants are surgically anchored to your jawbone, which allows the implants to act as tooth root substitutes. Small posts are then attached to the implant and the replacement teeth are situated on the posts.

How do dental implants work?

- A natural look and feel

Dental implants

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